Technology Development

HWT’s development team contains of specialists in many domains e.g. mechanics, well engineering & rig operations, software and control systems. As addition to its own staff, HWT uses partnering companies to ensure efficient development trajectories. A very important part of all developments are the Huisman test rig facilities which allow to test and demonstrate new equipment in a real drilling environment.

The ECI system offers a unique see-through shoetrack section that allows logging tools (M&LWD) to remain inside the casing while still being able to make measurements. Compared to existing Casing While Drilling technology this enables a minimum stick out below the casing and keeps the bit to reamer distance close. This in turn results in improved stabilization of the assembly and optimum drilling performance.

Delft Geothermal Pilot-Project

The ECI and ECCI (Enhanced Composite Casing Installation) developments have been supported via the Delft Geothermal Pilot-Project (DAPP) to find a cost-efficient technique to drill with small footprint drilling rigs in urban environments which is particular of interest for the construction of geothermal wells. An important partner in the ECCI development is Akiet BV who produces innovative composite pipe systems especially designed for down hole applications. DAPP is supported by the Province of Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERFD).

At the end of 2015, the first ECI run was performed on a geothermal well in the South of the Netherlands.