ECI application

The smaller and constant annulus together with the obvious fact that the casing is installed while drilling the well results in various general benefits :

  • More Productive Time:
    • Casing in place when TD is reached
    • Minimum of mud losses
    • Better hole quality for better cementations and logging results
  • Safer and lower environmental impact:
    • No tripping
    • Efficient dynamic kills
    • Less handling
    • Less pump power required
    • No drill pipe
    • Less chance on swab kicks and no stripping to bottom during a kick
  • Efficient drilling:
    • Less vibrations due to higher pipe stiffness
    • High rotational stiffness for higher ROP’s
    • Better hole cleaning
    • Smaller hole sizes
    • Lower mud weights for higher ROP’s

ECI offers these benefits plus the features:

  • Drilling directional wells, e.g. for cluster drilling
  • Small stick-out to minimize rathole and the risk of getting stuck BHA
  • Better stabilized BHA and drill section
  • Shorter and lighter BHA
  • Fully mechanical RSS
  • Automated directional drilling
  • Providing extra down hole power by using mud motors
  • Robust (steel) bits and reamers
  • Measurements While Drilling and Logging While Drilling possible
  • Compact BHA’s allowing pressure or cable retrieval